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Deputy of the Day – Liz Hall

Liz Hall (center), lay deputy from Christ Church, Gardiner, listens to Bishop Steve Lane at a gathering with Maine deputies

Good heavens – where to begin? We started at 8 a.m. with a legislative session, shortly followed by the opening Eucharist.

I now have on my bucket list: selfie with the Presiding Bishop. Wow. My system has not yet adjusted to the hour difference, so I was starving (and wilting) by 11:30. I ran back to my room, slapped together a PB&J, and then headed of for a noon meeting to learn how to facilitate. (I think I’ve got this one.)

From there it was a 1 p.m. luncheon (oops – second lunch) sponsored by the Church Pension Group to learn about church demographics: very interesting. By 2:15 p.m. I was searching for the committee meeting on marriage liturgies, couldn’t find it, and landed in prayerbook revision. I figured God wanted me there, so I sat until my eyes started to droop.

Back to the hotel for a 30 minute nap, back to the Convention Center for a two hour legislative session, practice lining up to represent the Diocese of Maine for the UTO Ingathering Eucharist tomorrow, then back to the hotel briefly so I could get my thoughts together to testify for Safe Church Training at a hotel five blocks away.

Next I hopped two rooms over and testified on the importance of youth events and the triennial EYE event. Now I am safely back in my room, showered, fed (pear cider is the most amazing beverage), and ready to call it a day. Whew!
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  1. Jeni Lewis says:

    NIce work, Liz!

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