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From General Convention – July 6

It’s been another busy day at General Convention with early morning committee hearings and a TED talk conversation on racism and racial reconciliation. (Click on TEConversations)

Liz Hall, lay deputy from Christ Church, Gardiner, listens to Bishop Steve Lane at gathering with Maine deputies

Check out Liz Hall’s Deputy of the Day post. She writes, ”

Good heavens – where to begin? We started at 8 a.m. with a legislative session, shortly followed by the opening Eucharist.

I now have on my bucket list: selfie with the Presiding Bishop. Wow. My system has not yet adjusted to the hour difference, so I was starving (and wilting) by 11:30. I ran back to my room, slapped together a PB&J, and then headed of for a noon meeting to learn how to facilitate. (I think I’ve got this one.)”
Bishop Steve’s daily video update:
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